Ultimate Poker Encounters Technical Problems

Ultimate Poker Encounters Technical Problems after Release of Software Upgrade  

Last weekend, Ultimate Poker (UP) rolled out Version 2.0 of the site’s gaming software to upgrade the stripped-down version launched in April 30, 2013. Unfortunately, the release was not smooth sailing, as the site suffered from technical problems that brought about game play issues. The people behind the online poker site had to cancel tournaments and are now processing manual payment of refunds to affected players.

Overview of UP’s New Software

Version 2.0 enhanced the virtual poker rooms with resizable tables along with new graphics for the lobby and table background, and a host of other improvements such as player pedestals, highlight on current player, new timer, preset bet buttons, more visible action buttons, relocation of rake at the center table and complete revamp of the fonts and sound system.

Ultimate Poker also added new features for the tournament to accommodate late registrations and rebuys, while the tournament lobby now showcases the satellite and 6max play-offs.

The most notable upgrade feature is the VIP program called “Color Up”, designed to reward frequent players at UP’s cash games or raked tournaments. Here, players get to earn XPs or experience points at an equivalent rate of 10 XPs for every dollar paid as fees. Players will then level up through a set of eight color-coded tiers based on their monthly play history. Leveling-up not only denotes elevation of one’s status as a UP poker player; but also entitlement to rewards in the form of U-points that earners can use for buying stuff at UP’s merchandise store. The ultimate goal of receiving the “Gold or Platinum Plaque” awaits players who will rise through all the eight “Color-Up” tiers during the year.

Online Poker Removed from Latest Illinois Casino Bill

Expanded gambling supporters in Chicago are seeking to create a bill that is attractive to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who vetoed this measure two times prior.  This shows that the possibility of Internet poker not being included in the newest version of this bill is great as reported by the Associated Press.  Quinn is reported to have stated that he is not ready to take any Internet gambling into consideration.

One of the proposal supporters will take out related Internet poker language.  It is reported that Senator President John Cullerton has plans to actively try for legalization of web poker in a bill that is separate from this at a later date although it is uncertain when.  The gambling expansion is believed by supporters to be able to gain around $400 million and $1 billion per year in added tax revenues.  It is also not certain what could be gained by Internet gambling if the state ever opens the virtual doors.

There has been talk of allowing the state’s strong lottery to oversee the virtual casino games if they are ever given authorization by the legislators.  Internet gambling is currently only legal in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.  The state could gain thousands of new slot machines if there is authorization for new casinos.  If the main casino in Chicago is awarded it would bring a large population of tourists.

iPoker Network Bans Super Affiliate Muchos Poker

There is a ban being reported by multiple online information sites on Muchos Poker set by Playtech’s iPoker Network.  It is not yet clear why the ban was set in place by iPoker and they have not released any statements so far but an investigation of security is being conducted and there is thought that the ban has possible connection to player-to-player transfer problems. 

A publication by Poker Update announced that there is an official ban on poker activity through the iPoker.com Network.  Starting now, there is to be a halt in all card rooms accepting new players from Muchos Poker as well as existing accounts to be banned and if there are available funds in these accounts they are allowed to be taken out after conclusion of normal checks of fraud and account verification.

It is indicated by Pokerfuse that Muchos is in conciliatory mode and has been noted a statement made by the affiliate has confirmed that it will be assisting iPoker in the investigations while trying to reach an agreeable solution together so they can regain their marketing and accepting new players to their poker games.  As of now, all transfers to iPoker accounts have been suspended by Muchos.  Muchos is set to lose quite a bit of business due to this ban.  It will also have three rooms in operation itself in the Enet and Revolution Gaming networks and on Instadeal for fast-fold poker.  Muchos claims to have no blame according to Pokerfuse.

PartyPoker Sees Improved Poker Player Traffic

Poker StarsAccording to a report issued by Pokerscout, the online poker monitor, the traffic that was targeting internet poker websites increased by 2.3 % during last week. The report also stated that the traffic to PartyPoker increased by seven percent which elevated it to the 2nd spot overtaking the iPoker Network that belongs to Playtech after tailing it for thirteen consecutive weeks. The increase in traffic is probably a direct result to the new promotion that is on offer at Party Poker, the “Party’s Card Rush” promo. The promotion allows players to earn instant win scratch card for cash prizes.

A large number of internet poker operators also witnessed pleasing surges in traffic of over six percent. This includes Bwin.Party’s Ongame network that was recently purchased by Amaya Gaming, PkerStars.es, Bodog, iPoker.it, PartyPoker.fr and Winamax.fr among others.

On the other hand, there were some poker operators that suffered from a decrease in their traffic such as iPoker and Revolution network. Both networks witnessed a decrease of more than two percent. Pokerscout also stated that the y-o-y comparison would show that internet poker traffic suffered a decrease of 7 percent. The reasons behind the weekly increase in traffic and the yearly decrease in traffic for the poker rooms is still un clear as there are a lot of elements that can be involved such as the opening of new markets and the new laws and regulations that are implemented by different gambling authorities.

5050 Poker

Online Poker5050Poker, the internet poker room licensed from Malta that used to be operated on the Entraction network has gone bankrupt and it is going to be liquidated to the owning players. As a result, the Swedish Nasdaq First North has removed it form its exchange list. There have been a lot of rumors circling the web about this but it was confirmed through a statement that was issued by the company this Last Tuesday that confirmed that the last trading day for the company will be the 20th of July.

The players of 5050Poker poker room are not going to be glad about the liquidation and its consequences. The purple Lounge has stated the players as creditors and did not walk away from them. This is semi good news as the players are not going to get more than fifteen cents for each dollar. There have been a lot of reports circling the news forums and websites that the founders of the website were unable to sell the website.

According to a statement issued by the company, the company is trying its best in order to enhance the players’ situation in the midst of all of this. The company is trying to talk with other stakeholders who have interest in purchasing 5050Poker. If they succeed, this will improve the players’ chances of getting a bigger amount of their money and funds.

5050 Poker players might also find Party Poker as a suitable alternative.

WSOP Chat Software Released

It has been announced by Chatwing, the famous software developer for live chats that the latest chat widget launched by the developer will allow players to be updated and informed with everything that happens in the WSOP taking place in Las Vegas in Rio.

This new application by Chatwing is basically a platform for communication that will allow everyone the chance to be updated with all the WSOP news. It is not for web surfers only but it is for bloggers. This is one of the main reasons and targets behind such release, as the company aims to connect the bloggers with their followers in an easy way. For instance, a lot of surfers and bloggers have certainly benefited from the shout box provided by Chatwing.

According to a spokesman of the company, Chatwing has made it its first priority to make this platform simple and to have easy commands. This is due to the fact that users and bloggers don’t like and don’t appreciate applications and platforms that are complicated and take a lot of time.

This kind of integration with social media would also allow the users and the bloggers to have a larger viewer base through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The best thing about this new poker chat box is that it only needs a few seconds to be downloaded and installed, according to the preferences of the user. The company also has an official page on Facebook in order to allow the users to be updated with all the updates and news concerning the chat box.

Fast Hands with Zoom Poker

US Online PokerSpeed poker, one of the most innovative types of online poker which was introduced for the first time by Full Tilt Poker. Microgaming has entered this poker genre by introducing Rush Poker to its users, but such entry will soon be encountering great competition with the fast poker that is planned to be launched by Stan James, the online poker section of the Gibraltar operator. This fast poker is called Blaze Poker; this product will compete heavily with Zoom Poker, the fast poker product presented by Pokerstars.

Another competition will come from the fast growing speed poker website, Fast Poker and Instadeal; both are introduced by Relax Gaming. This fast poker website has been online for over 2 years now since it first debuted in 2010. It has made great progress since it debuted, and what helped it achieve that are the partnerships it has been striking along the way. It has signed up Unibet, iGame, Betsafe and Betsson this last month.

As for the concept of all of the fast poker games, it is basically the same concept that was first introduced by Full Tilt Poker. This concept would allow the players to have the maximum number of hands in the least amount of time. This is done through transferring the player instantly to another table with new players as soon as the player folds or plays his or her poker hand.

Illegal Gambling Operations Closed Down in Michigan

Online PokerThere has been a nationwide enforcement and legal actions taken against internet cafés that are found offering any kind of gambling services to their clients in their establishment. This week this enforcement and legal action has reached Michigan, as Bill Schuette, the General Attorney has signed an order that would close 8 different internet cafés as they were found providing their clients with gambling services and internet sweepstakes.

It has been reported through a local newspaper that such actions didn’t quite sit well with the online viewers who are following the situation. Despite that, but these actions came as a direct result of the investigation that got initiated by the General Attorney, the Michigan State Police and the Gaming Control Board of Michigan. Commenting on such events, the General Attorney, Bill Schuette, stated that internet cafés that offer any kind of internet sweepstakes or any other forms of online gambling kind of gaming are basically a part of the unregulated and illegal market. He continued and advised everyone to avoid going there or using any of these internet café’s services because such services are unregulated and illegal, which makes them unsafe and will not have any kind of customer protection or safety.

He ended his statement by saying that he, along with the gaming control board of Michigan and the state’s police, will keep working as hard as they can in order to bring such illegal gambling operations down.

PokerStars Mega Milestone

US Online PokerPokerStars.com, the world’s famous internet poker operator is expected to be very busy on the upcoming weekend. The reason for this is the fact that the poker operator is expecting the eighty billionth poker hand to be played and dealt on the 6th of May on its website. Of course, Pokerstars is intending to take full advantage of this situation. It will do so by having the usual Milestone promotions that it usually has when milestone poker hands are expected.

These promotions will offer the players with bonuses and cash prizes. These prizes and bonuses will be offered to the players who get dealt a hand from the last 300 hands before the milestone. Of course, the Mega Milestone hand will get awarded a very large bonus prize.

It has been reported by Pokerstars that the website predicts that by the time the Milestone hand, the 80 billionth happens, the website would have gave out about a million dollar in bonuses and prizes in this promotion. This includes the Mega Milestone players who will win at least 10,000 dollars and the player who wins the hand will win about 20,000 dollars. Such numbers is not something new to Pokerstars, as it has been accustomed its players winning amazing bonuses and promotions whenever a milestone poker hand is near.