5050 Poker

Online Poker5050Poker, the internet poker room licensed from Malta that used to be operated on the Entraction network has gone bankrupt and it is going to be liquidated to the owning players. As a result, the Swedish Nasdaq First North has removed it form its exchange list. There have been a lot of rumors circling the web about this but it was confirmed through a statement that was issued by the company this Last Tuesday that confirmed that the last trading day for the company will be the 20th of July.

The players of 5050Poker poker room are not going to be glad about the liquidation and its consequences. The purple Lounge has stated the players as creditors and did not walk away from them. This is semi good news as the players are not going to get more than fifteen cents for each dollar. There have been a lot of reports circling the news forums and websites that the founders of the website were unable to sell the website.

According to a statement issued by the company, the company is trying its best in order to enhance the players’ situation in the midst of all of this. The company is trying to talk with other stakeholders who have interest in purchasing 5050Poker. If they succeed, this will improve the players’ chances of getting a bigger amount of their money and funds.

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