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There’s absolutely no reason to give up your dreams of being Poker Stars in the US. You shouldn’t fall into a rut though and let your poker skills get rusty by not playing online for the past few months. While you may not have found a site to play online poker for money, you should at least keep your skills up with free poker games. Poker games online will help to keep your poker skills sharp while waiting for legislation to get worked out and let the big names in the poker industry come back to where they belong, the home of poker!

There are several spots online where you can find free poker and here are a few that you may already know or might not have ever heard of before:

Cake Poker

Cake Poker is one online poker site that has a free poker option. The company has been around since 2004 and has a clean interface and is generally highly populated. You can practice your poker games with their free poker play money option available through their software. You can visit their website here at Cake Poker or download the software directly from this link Cake Poker.

Poker Stars

Poker Stars is one of the top rated online poker site, but did you know that you can play free poker on their site? If you want to match your skills against some of the best players in the world and don’t want to use real money, then the Poker Stars free poker option is available. Just download the software once and you’ll have free poker whenever you have an urge for playing online.

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Download InterPoker and play free poker. If you are looking for a good free poker site to hone your game for the WPT Ireland 2012, then InterPoker is a great site for it. The competition is fairly good and since you are looking for free poker, you most likely are trying to bump up your game without having to risk any cash. InterPoker is a fast playing site with great graphics and a good lot of players always playing online. Poker games at InterPoker can include a few newbies, but if the players at the table are good, they’ll eventually work out the newbies and get other strong players joining in.

Play free Poker at InterPoker


Bet365 uses Playtech software, so if it is your first time downloading the bet365 poker installation then it might take a few minutes as there are a lot of rich pictures and sound files to be loaded. The software will also check for any updates. Other than the initial software installation, this poker site is one of the best on the market. Make sure to make an account so that you can login once the software is done installing.

Play free poker at Bet365

Party Poker

PartyPoker is also a good site to check out for free poker. At PartyPoker, poker games can be a little soft in competition, but there are the occasional group of pros that will sit in on a free play poker game. When professional are playing online, its easy to tell because they are typically the only ones sitting at a table.

WPT Poker

Just wanted to mention WPT Poker here because they always offer freerolls and poker tournaments. If you want to find a fun way to get into the WPT then check out the tournaments that WPT Poker offers WPT admission to events as prizes.

WPT Free poker, click here.

Cool Hand Poker

Cool Hand Poker will feel like you are playing online free poker games, but it’s just that some of the buy-ins are set so low. If you don’t mind playing for smaller pots, then Cool Hand Poker is a good site to try out if graduating from free poker.

Play free poker at Cool Hand Poker