How to Play Poker

If you aren’t an expert at playing poker, you might feel like you are left behind in the dust compared to some of these new poker playing hot shots, but there’s still hope for you yet.  Learning how to play poker can be broken down into a few categories.

The best comparison that can be made for learning how to play poker is how algebra works.  Basically, if you don’t learn the fundamentals of the mathematics, then you won’t be able to advance through the other lessons.

That’s why learning how to play poker takes knowing the basics up and down and a good refresher course in the basics of poker could help if you have been away from the game for awhile now.  After learning the basics and by basics we seriously mean – the basics of poker – what hands beat what hand, that’s pretty much it.

After that you can learn terminology, betting, advanced betting, buffing, advanced bluffing and other poker strategies.  One key word you will want to know is suit.  Suit refers to the designation of the card as in Clubs, Diamonds, Spades or Hearts.


Poker Hands