Illegal Gambling Operations Closed Down in Michigan

Online PokerThere has been a nationwide enforcement and legal actions taken against internet cafés that are found offering any kind of gambling services to their clients in their establishment. This week this enforcement and legal action has reached Michigan, as Bill Schuette, the General Attorney has signed an order that would close 8 different internet cafés as they were found providing their clients with gambling services and internet sweepstakes.

It has been reported through a local newspaper that such actions didn’t quite sit well with the online viewers who are following the situation. Despite that, but these actions came as a direct result of the investigation that got initiated by the General Attorney, the Michigan State Police and the Gaming Control Board of Michigan. Commenting on such events, the General Attorney, Bill Schuette, stated that internet cafés that offer any kind of internet sweepstakes or any other forms of online gambling kind of gaming are basically a part of the unregulated and illegal market. He continued and advised everyone to avoid going there or using any of these internet café’s services because such services are unregulated and illegal, which makes them unsafe and will not have any kind of customer protection or safety.

He ended his statement by saying that he, along with the gaming control board of Michigan and the state’s police, will keep working as hard as they can in order to bring such illegal gambling operations down.