Nevada is the Frontrunner for Online Poker

Online PokerNevada is the Frontrunner for Online Poker

While the rest of the US are trying to struggle in thinking of good ideas on how to take online gambling to the leading edge, Nevada is already in the lead by exerting efforts in establishing the pioneer intrastate online gaming field for online poker.
Other states are still trying their best to catch up in the race, right after the unexpected tumble by the Department of Justice in December. This has caused an Internet-gaming fever among many people in powerful positions in state governments across the country.

Nevada Online Poker

The debate on the legality of online gambling has produced many issues that can very well result in legislative warfare. Opposing side is expressing their concern that this can cause increase in crime, addiction and debt, all of which are the usual outcomes when there is gambling in any place.
Nevada has already taken the lead and this is because it was an easy fight with the arousal of casino interest in the subject.

Though the District of Columbia has added an Internet-gaming provision in the budget bill, Nevada online poker still managed to be in the lead because sadly enough, the provision has not accomplished anything in getting licenses and having the games regulated.

According to reports, there will be a hearing to be held this month to discuss the Internet-gaming program and its possible cancellation. Michael Brown, D.C. Council member, stated that, it would be a disaster if the District of Columbia is jumped over in the marketplace.

Other states are in deliberation on what to do with the DOJ ruling. Iowa has already released an analysis on online poker, reporting that a 22% tax could produce about 3 million for them. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is all out supporting Internet gambling, providing that its headquarters will be in Atlantic City.
Other states are seriously considering online poker like; Florida, Hawaii and North Dakota, but their legislatures have effectively turned down the efforts.