Online Poker and Online Gambling in Montenegro

Online PokerOnline Poker and Online Gambling in Montenegro

E-gaming legislation has recently passed in the small European nation of Montenegro, and online gambling and online poker is starting to flourish. In addition to this, the government is now looking to offer gambling licenses, as well as financial help and hosting services for those who operate gambling sites as of January of 2012.

Economic Atmosphere of Online Poker in Europe

Montenegro is one of the most stable countries in Europe, politically speaking and is a member of the EU. Their economic atmosphere is perfect for many different types of gambling ventures, and they are also completely supportive of all of the standards that Europe has set up.

Advantages of Online Poker

There have been many advantages cited to this new source of income for the nation, including a short registration process of two days, and a one week turnaround on licenses as well as offering 9% personal and corporate taxes. There is also a slew of quality banking establishments and hosting services as well as full payment of interest, profits and dividends.

The licensing authority released a statement that tells how easy it is to set up and run a new company no matter where you live. Technology has completely changed how we run businesses, allowing us to do everything from online banking and registration to charging cards and hosting sites with the click of a mouse.