Nevada is the Frontrunner for Online Poker

Online PokerNevada is the Frontrunner for Online Poker

While the rest of the US are trying to struggle in thinking of good ideas on how to take online gambling to the leading edge, Nevada is already in the lead by exerting efforts in establishing the pioneer intrastate online gaming field for online poker.
Other states are still trying their best to catch up in the race, right after the unexpected tumble by the Department of Justice in December. This has caused an Internet-gaming fever among many people in powerful positions in state governments across the country.

Nevada Online Poker

The debate on the legality of online gambling has produced many issues that can very well result in legislative warfare. Opposing side is expressing their concern that this can cause increase in crime, addiction and debt, all of which are the usual outcomes when there is gambling in any place.
Nevada has already taken the lead and this is because it was an easy fight with the arousal of casino interest in the subject.

Though the District of Columbia has added an Internet-gaming provision in the budget bill, Nevada online poker still managed to be in the lead because sadly enough, the provision has not accomplished anything in getting licenses and having the games regulated.

According to reports, there will be a hearing to be held this month to discuss the Internet-gaming program and its possible cancellation. Michael Brown, D.C. Council member, stated that, it would be a disaster if the District of Columbia is jumped over in the marketplace.

Other states are in deliberation on what to do with the DOJ ruling. Iowa has already released an analysis on online poker, reporting that a 22% tax could produce about 3 million for them. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is all out supporting Internet gambling, providing that its headquarters will be in Atlantic City.
Other states are seriously considering online poker like; Florida, Hawaii and North Dakota, but their legislatures have effectively turned down the efforts.

Nevada to Accept Online Poker License Applications Now

Online-PokerNevada to Accept Internet Poker License Applications Now

The NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board) on Thursday announced that it would begin accepting applications from online poker providers who wished to do business in the state. The announcement was made by NGCB chairman, Mark Lipparelli, and delivered in a conference related to internet gaming laws in the US. Held at Aria Resort and Casino, the conference was attended by professionals of the gaming industry.

Online Poker in Nevada

Lipparelli also said that the NGCB would be ready for reviewing the applications by February next year, and that the process would be much quicker for existing state-licensed “real” casinos. Furthermore, firms that will be approved to receive full licensing would be bound to offer their services only to players in Nevada. Players from other states or countries will also not be granted access to these websites. However, industry experts are of the opinion that this intrastate online wagering is only an initiative, and that this could eventually lead to interstate online poker.

Las Vegas Online Poker

The Nevada legislature passed several new laws during the early months of 2011, and this led the Control Board as well as the Gaming Commission in the state to begin drafting regulations for online playing of poker. Now the legislation is almost ready and is set to be presented in December. Lipparelli also added that since US was fast becoming a new platform for lawmakers, regulatory revisions or amendments of existing laws in the future could be possible. A former Congressman of the state also said that the urgent need of tax revenues was also among the triggering factors that caused the move.

PokerStars Supports Nevada Online Poker Bill

Online PokerPokerStars Supports Nevada Online Poker Bill

William Horne, the majority whip in Nevada Assembly on Thursday introduced the AB258, a bill for legalized intrastate playing of online poker. Quite interestingly, this comes only after a week when Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, vetoed a bill, which would otherwise have emerged into the creation of the first intrastate online gambling regime in America. In addition to this, one another interesting fact about this bill is its supporters.

PokerStars Online Poker

The AB258 has been very strongly supported by Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., operating under the market name PokerStars, says the Wall Street Journal. With its headquarters located in Isle of Man, Britain, the firm runs gambling sites that according to the US laws are illegal. In fact, if or not online poker in itself is legal or illegal is in question. Reportedly, Full Tilt Poker also supports the bill extensively.

Online Poker in Nevada

The bill seems to favor the interests of these companies completely, since a part of the bill’s text implies that an online poker provider, if licensed in any other jurisdiction, was or still is involved with foreign or interstate commerce, can apply for a license in the state. Both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are licensed under their local jurisdiction, in Ireland and Isle of Man respectively. The bill exclusively applies to internet poker, and also forbids sports betting explicitly. However, betting on other games such as football and basketball is legal.

People have had mixed reactions to the bill presented. Though many are surprised, the common opinion is that “real” casinos in the state will do all they can to prevent outside firms from setting up business at virtually no cost.

PokerStars Online Poker Home Games

Poker StarsPokerStars Online Poker Home Games

PokerStars online poker home games were created a while back, but the concept is being picked up by other online poker companies such as 888. The idea of Home Games from PokersStars is that players can create their own online poker club, make it as elite and exclusive as they want and can include up to fifty members. Each member can access the private club lobby using the PokerStars online poker software.

I personally refer to the custom poker lobby as the Guild Hall, but I’m a former WOW nerd turned poker player. So, since the popularity of the concept has taken off with PokerStars, you can expect that any poker companies entering the US market will offer the exact same thing. Now, that will probably open up an entirely different can of legal worms, but it really makes the potential for some new tournaments and new poker blood to enter into the game.

Online Poker Home Games Gets More Technology from 888

pokerOnline Poker Home Games Gets More Technology from 888

888 have developed their very own solution to online poker home games. The Poker Lounge lets players create private cash games and online poker tournaments right from their home. The service has now launched on 888 Poker and is being met with great response. Online poker players can get to the Poker Lounge from the 888 Poker lobby.

The games are highly customizable including options for prize structure, pokercams, limits and numbers of players. Online poker hosts can then invite players using any number of social media technologies such as Twitter and Facebook.

US Internet Poker Getting More Juice from Big Companies

Online-PokerUS Internet Poker Getting More Juice from Big Companies

MGM Resorts and Boyd Gaming Group are partnering up with to become a possibly unstoppable force in online poker gaming once the US corrects its laws to allow for it. The World Poker Tour was formerly in the United States before 2006 when the UIGEA was enacted.

WPT Europe

Since then the WPT has become a sweeping force across Europe and other parts of the world. The WPT brand still has a foothold in the American casino market and is featured regularly on television. owns World Poker Tour and has probably become such a titan in online gambling because of it.

MGM Resorts, World Poker Tour

The deal with MGM Resorts and Boyd Gaming Group sets up with a solid foundation to re-enter the online poker market in the US as soon as the law permits, giving them a very good advantage over companies that were recently knocked out.

Zynga Poker a US Online Poker Competitor?

Online PokerZynga Poker a US Online Poker Competitor?

Zynga Poker has recently ramped up its advertising efforts for their online poker game. Their free to play poker is already one of the many products that is enjoyed by over 29 million social users a month.

US Online Poker

The company has bought up some much prized ad time on ESPN which is where the US online poker companies used to advertise before April of this year. Zynga may be deciding to take their free model poker gaming into the actual online gaming world when the US legalizes online poker.

Open Up Online Poker

The general consensus as of late is that the American market will follow the European trend and open up online poker to the masses, but this time legally. Zynga could easily become massive competition for Playtech and other online gambling software developers should they decide to throw their weight in that direction. ZyngaPoker was the first official game released by the company when they first started and has continued to be a top ten grossing game on the app store.

Genting Poker Charity Tournament

Genting PokerGenting Poker

Genting Poker held a charity poker tournament on Tuesday, November 1, 2011. This is the second tournament that the well known company has put on this year. The poker tournament was held for Bob Clements a friend of Genting Poker. The charity that the proceeds go to is St. Mary’s Hospice in Birmingham, England. The Hospice takes care of people that have been diagnosed with illnesses that are terminal.

William Hill Poker

William Hill PokerWilliam Hill Poker

Let’s take a look at the top rated poker site in the UK. William Hill Poker has some fairly stiff competition in the online poker market in the UK but they stay ahead of the competition with farseeing planning involving their expansion into emerging online poker markets. Would William Hill Poker do well in the US is the question on a lot of people’s minds. William Hill, Poker Stars, WPT Poker and Betfair are the top four contenders that we see as making a successful integration into or back into the US online poker market.

Betfair vs William Hill Poker

William Hill poker would be especially profitable and welcomed in the US because of their massive financial holdings, but also because of their shining reputation for fair play. Betfair is currently in an s-storm related to their online security, but that shouldn’t harm them too much as they were victims and not culprits. Still though, even though bad press can be good, press related to casino security can definitely fall into the negative. Betfair is generally a responsible and reliable online poker room operator so we still see them as neck and neck with William Hill Poker in contention for the US poker market.

How can William Hill Poker stand out as the leader in online poker? William Hill simply needs to continue with their same great promotions and offer more poker tournaments. Even with the WHOP, the William Hill online poker tournaments are still sorely underrated in comparison to the WPT Poker tournaments and Poker Stars. Now would be a great time for William Hill Poker to further their international poker tournaments pursuit while Poker Stars is focused on gaining the Asian poker market and WPT is working on expanding their poker franchise.

Spain is being a little flaky with their online gambling legislation and so is Germany, but William Hill has such a strong poker fanbase in the UK that they should be able to weather out any issues that might arise from the legal changes with online poker happening around the world. One area in which William Hill already makes a great showing is their traffic and their player quality.

iPoker and William Hill

William Hill poker is on the iPoker network which keeps their traffic very high consistently. With the drop in numbers of worldwide online poker players since the US made its stand in April, William Hill has still been able to maintain great numbers. This is especially true for the William Hill Poker cash games. Still though, they will need to strengthen their marketing efforts for their poker tournaments to get the quality players that used to come out of the US.

Right now, online poker room operators like Poker Stars and Bet365 are getting a bit complacent in their top rated positions. The market is quickly going to become very competitive again over the next two years and complacency simply won’t do. William Hill, Poker Stars, Betfair and Bet365 are going to need to bust out some killer bonuses, poker promotions and increase their loyalty program perks to keep players from having a wandering eye. Typically in business, a time like we are experiencing now in the online poker market is when the fresh blood comes in and knocks out the old kings of commerce. Betfair is one of the younger guys, kind of like the Apple (early days) of online casinos and online poker. William Hill might be considered the modern day Microsoft of online poker and one could see Bet365 as a sort of Amazon of online poker. This means that if online poker operators like William Hill and Betfair don’t stay relevant, don’t keep up with the times and the needs of new players, that they could very quickly be overtaken by new online gambling operators.

William Hill Online Poker Championship

Consider the history of Betfair, they were able to easily overtake their competition even to the point of buying them out and that was done with a simple innovation in the way that sports wagering takes place. Innovation in the way that people play online poker is one area where William Hill will be able to stay relevant. As the world’s largest poker room, William Hill can use their power to start enticing loyal members from other online poker rooms with high money bonuses for new players plus new ways to play like live dealers and 3D online poker rooms.

One way in which William Hill is proving their ability to stay flexible in their expansion of operations is by offering other online gambling products besides online poker. Besides their sports betting and online casinos, they are also getting into the stock betting market with their binary betting product. However, if they want to hold their lead over online poker in the UK and the world, they will want to put even more funding into their William Hill Online Poker Championship in terms of cash prizes, more tables and more advertising.

Freeroll Tokens are another way in which William Hill is keeping in touch with what their players want. Right now William Hill Poker has a $1400 new player bonus which includes $2700 first deposit freeroll tokens. That’s quite an impressive starting bankroll for the poker tables. Check out the William Hill Poker site for more details on how to get your bonus.

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Poker Stars Online Poker

Poker StarsPoker Stars Online Poker

Every poker hand is a reminder that you are alive. Poker, in any of its forms, be it online poker or at a casino, is a micro-moment of colliding fates and factors and each of those moments is a culmination of the life experiences of everyone sitting at that table. Ignore, the keyboard, ignore the green felt and clacking of chips; it’s that one sheer intense moment of decision; how to act, when to act, when to breathe, that becomes something much larger and more important than the gentle people that have come together to play a game.

In that moment you remember that you are alive, the blood pounding in your ears or the thousand thoughts and hands processing across your brain, you are alive; poker is alive. Then, a long pause, a moment of revelation as the cards come together, some say they speak, some say they whisper, but nothing changes the finality of showing your cards.

Online Poker

The United States of America has not banned poker. The US has banned online poker and online gambling and for the most part, they have done so because of the way that money is being transferred in and out of the country. There was fair warning and well, the US wasn’t bluffing, but they definitely showed their hand in April of 2011 by toppling Full Tilt and others. Their hand is the same one they always go all in with – make a small set of a large group of offenders the examples. Anyone remember the old Napster, the one that got sued out the pants?

Well, Napster is still around, very different and legal now, but the federal government of the United States made Napster an example also. Sure, copyright infringement is wrong, but sharing music isn’t. That’s just like money laundering and ponzi schemes are wrong, but online poker isn’t, right? Just as Napster rose from the ashes, so shall online poker in the United States. Maybe not in the form of Full Tilt, but there are some legitimate online poker enterprises that will be welcomed back once everything is squared away.


So, remember – no matter what poker stars misspeak and say that the US has banned poker, there are still poker games out there, legal ones. If poker is in your blood, you’ll find a way to get to a casino to play in a poker tournament, you’ll play free poker online until the US lets you make decisions about how to spend your time online or you’ll just head over to Canada and get free health care and poker. All up to you, that’s a great thing about America, no matter how f*cked up it can be, you don’t need a passport to move between states, to get in the car and drive or to just leave it with two middle fingers in the air and never return.

The other option would be to stand up for what you believe in, take it to the White House, and take it to your State government. If you believe that online poker should return to the United States, then you are probably not someone that will sit there whining about it, you’re a person that speaks your mind, a person that is alive, but maybe not as alive as when you were at the tables. If you are unhappy about online poker being banned, then find every way you can to bring it back. Talk about it, blog about it, contact everyone that is mentioned in news articles about online poker, but don’t complain randomly in a blog posting. Bring solutions to the table, not more problems. My contribution – getting you off your arse to do something about this tragedy.

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