888 Online Poker

888 Online Poker888 Online Poker

888.com is a very popular online poker site that has recently reported record wins in the month of September. According to these reports, more than 43,000 players received more than $356 million in winnings. These payouts are the highest on record for the company since 2008.

Internet Poker on 888 Poker

The Senior VP, Itai Pazner, was quoted on how excited the company is to be able to report such results. According to Pazner they “…show our players the real life-changing potential of [our] games.” The company’s motto, ‘It can happen any minute’ is proving to be very accurate, and the company salutes all of the past month’s winners on their new found fortunes.

Poker Room

888 Poker is one of the top online poker rooms offering the most freeroll chances.  The 888 poker team has received numerous awards for their excellence in customer service and innovation in online poker.

Online Poker and Online Gambling in Montenegro

Online PokerOnline Poker and Online Gambling in Montenegro

E-gaming legislation has recently passed in the small European nation of Montenegro, and online gambling and online poker is starting to flourish. In addition to this, the government is now looking to offer gambling licenses, as well as financial help and hosting services for those who operate gambling sites as of January of 2012.

Economic Atmosphere of Online Poker in Europe

Montenegro is one of the most stable countries in Europe, politically speaking and is a member of the EU. Their economic atmosphere is perfect for many different types of gambling ventures, and they are also completely supportive of all of the standards that Europe has set up.

Advantages of Online Poker

There have been many advantages cited to this new source of income for the nation, including a short registration process of two days, and a one week turnaround on licenses as well as offering 9% personal and corporate taxes. There is also a slew of quality banking establishments and hosting services as well as full payment of interest, profits and dividends.

The licensing authority released a statement that tells how easy it is to set up and run a new company no matter where you live. Technology has completely changed how we run businesses, allowing us to do everything from online banking and registration to charging cards and hosting sites with the click of a mouse.

AGA Gaming Hall of Fame 2011

American Gaming Association 2011AGA Gaming Hall of Fame 2011

The American Gaming Association announced those to be inducted in 2011 on Friday.  The class for 2011 includes Charlie Palmer, saluted and respected chef across the planet, Blue Man Group and Sheldon G Adelson, Las Vegas Sands Corp Chairman and CEO.  All will be honored at the 23rd annual Gaming Hall of Fame.  The induction and charity dinner will be held on the 1st of November at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  The charity for this year is the National Center for Responsible Gaming.

As of its inception in 1989, the Hall of Fame has inducted over 70 individuals or groups respected by the gaming community for their contributions in business, entertainment and other support services.  We congratulate this year’s inductees and look forward to an amazing Ceremony in November.

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Online Poker On the Way to Italy

Online Poker On the Way to Italy

The big news in the world of online gaming and online poker is the recent changes to Italian law that now allow an online game presence in that country.  Top names such as William Hill are establish an online gaming community in Italy that will rival online poker rooms and online casinos across the world.  Italy is lucky in the sense that the online casino corporations that are arriving have had over a decade of experience in the business.  For Italy, this means a much smoother startup than other countries have experienced in the past.

Big casino software companies like Playtech already have a very strong showing in casinos that use their software.  The software plays a big part in the success of a casino and Italy will have a lot of quality casinos with high quality software, to choose from.  Even Bwin will have an Italian presence.

US Poker News

US Online PokerUS Poker News

Progress is still being made in bringing poker to the Capitol.   The website for the home for DC online gambling sit there in anticipation of legislation finally being passed.   Once laws are passed allowing online gambling in DC, other states will follow.  Some states already have legislation on the books that will go into effect once everything has been arranged in DC.

The events in April not only brought light to some serious issues in dealing with online gambling interests outside of the US and US laws, but it also shone a light on potential revenue that can be collected.  This revenue, as believed by many Americans, should be American money that stays in America.

Many believe that bringing online casinos into the economy will create new jobs and generate another revenue stream for the gaming industry and specific states.

World Series of Poker November Nine

WSOP Final Table 2011World Series of Poker November Nine

There is a large European showing this year with the November Nine being dominated 5 to 4 over American Poker players.  The following is an introduction to the players we will be following at the Rio in Las Vegas for the Final Table for the WSOP 2011.

Pius Heinz is a twenty-two year old from Germany.  This is Heinz’s debut at the WSOP and he will enter into the final table with 16,425,000 in seventh position.

Ben Lamb is in eight position holding 20,875,000.

Martin Stanszko is a professional poker player from the Czech Republic is in ninth position with the chip lead holding 40,175,000.

Badih Bounahra hails from Belize City, is in the second position and hold 19,700,000 in chips.

Anton Makiievskyi hails from the Ukraine and will be in the fifth position holding 13,825,000.

Matt Giannetti is from Las Vegas, will be in position one and holds a stack of 24,750,000.

Phil Collins another resident of Las Vegas.  Phil will be in the fourth position with 23,875,000.

Sam Holden is a professional Poker player from England and is short stacked with 12,375,000 holding the sixth position at the table.