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PokerStars Online Poker Review

PokerStars is an online poker site that offers a lot in terms of tournaments and variety.  They’ve made a much easier transition over to non-US play than some of the other poker sites and because they were able to do this they are stronger for it.  PokerStars is now able to offer some really competitive welcome bonuses and their access to satellite and offer of freerolls are some of the top offerings in the industry.

PokerStars Player Base

PokerStars developed a huge player base because a number of professional poker players are sponsored by the online poker site.  The charismatic appeal of these players has bolstered the PokerStars presence in the poker community and has secured their position as one of the top poker sites online.  You can still find a lot of the professional online PokerStars on the site, especially the Canadians, but also theUSstars that packed up and moved to keep their careers going.

PokerStars also has a noteworthy VIP room that is considered to be one of the best in the industry.  When considering the important factors of player base, promotions, bonuses and variety, PokerStars really comes out on top against the other online poker rooms.

PokerStars offers an excellent variety of poker players and styles.  You can play against the professionals or pick of fish and it’s all up to you and your table selection.  PokerStars makes selecting the right table for you easy with expanded stats and easy to navigate lobby.

PokerStars Customer Support

Customer support is often reviewed by other poker review sites because players in the past had some trouble with the newly emerging industry.  While there still may be issues at some online poker sites with customer service, it truly isn’t as bad as it was in the beginning.  PokerStars does excel in their customer service area and while they could just stay at the average and dutiful customer service stance that other sites take; PokerStars really goes above and beyond to help their customers.  If customer service is a big deal for you, then PokerStars gets top ratings.


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Poker Stars Review


Poker Stars is a popular poker site that offers several game variations of poker and options to entertain a unique poker experience. Several games are available on Poker Stars and they offer a Pokers Basics section for beginners and offer several poker favorites including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Horse, Razz and Badugi. It is not possible to play with several accounts, and players accounts can be closed if it is believed they are using multiple accounts. This guarantees that you are playing real players from around the world or local and creates a fun and secure gaming experience.


If you are new to poker then Poker Stars is for you. You can review poker basics to learn the ins and outs of a variety of poker card games and several classes will enable you to build your knowledge and learn techniques to enhance your game play. Some of the classes available in the poker school will identify ranking hand and cover the various games. A Poker glossary is available and a key tool to learning the game of poker. Hand rank and learning their values will increase your betting knowledge and keep you from losing your pot and by learning all the poker games offered you could build a knowledgeable base that will increase your playing rank.


There are several tips available on the Poker Stars skill developer and can greatly improve your game. Poker is a game of patience and learning valuable ticks of the trade will increase your poker experience. Remember key tips such as not playing every hand. You have the option to play or fold and at some tables, you may be folding more than you are playing but it is wise to stay in the game to play hands that are betting targets and to not just hope that the cards will fall when needed. Watch how others bid can help you determine what challenge their hand will present and not every great hand is a sure thing. To may have a full house of 3’s with Jacks high but the guy next to you can beat you easily with 4 of a kind or even a full house with aces high. Poker is a mental game and developing useful skills can have you winning the pot more often than not.


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There are several rules and regulations in poker and as well, each poker site will be a little different. Their can be minimum buy INS and other options or restrictions only available to that site. Make sure you check out Poker Star’s Room page to find the rules of the site, which will improve your game play. You do not want to just jump in with out knowing certain specifics, which could have you losing your pot quickly or booted from the game. There are basic rules and a variation of game play offer and knowing the options increases your experience. Some variations that will contribute to your gaming experience for example are the offer of joining a high-speed table or game. The bid counters are less than average tables and it keeps the game moving quickly. If you are a beginner player, it is best to stick to a basic game pace until you gain some experience and if you jump into a high-speed game, you could quickly become lost and lose your pot so it is valuable information to check the table ranks.


Poker tournaments on Poker Stars are available and one can view current and future tournaments in the Poker Stars Tournament Lobby. Several features of the tournament lobby enable a player to surf and find tournaments in which they would like to join as well you can find players and locate them in tournament so or lobbies. Using the tournament interface can have some variations and you may want to read the tourney info page and the rules of tournament play before jumping into a game. You can view that status of a tournament from the lobby even while in play and the status of your ‘time bank’ which is a user friendly tool to offer a player an extra time allotment when making bids that may take more time than the average bid.


The Poker Stars interface allows the option of types of rooms and games one can access and the variations will refer to ‘Limits’ and game rooms will be categorized by the betting limit for that table. Some tables will offer a ‘’No Limit” gaming option while others will consist of “Called Limit” and “Pot Limit”, and all vary from to include a variety in  betting and play experience. The limits are referred in numerical format and will vary not only from limit rooms but also available poker games such a 2/4 limit in Texas Hold’em or a 5/10 limit in Omaha. If you are unsure as to what limits are defined and how the operation of limit is applied you can visit the ‘Limits’ page in the website for better details.


Poker Stars offers a lot of information to help a poker gamer to improve and learn the game not offered in most poker sites. The educational interface allows for a pleasant poker experience and will increase the level of playing options available to poker lovers. The site has a wealth of information and secured gaming experiences to enhance the interface creating a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere.

Poker Site Score
Ring Game Traffic 9.2
Tournament Traffic 8.1
Sign Up Bonus 8.3
Soft Competition 7.9
Game Variety 8.1
Loyalty Bonus 8.7
Promotions 8.8
Software and Graphics 8.3
Financial Security 9.9
Rake 5.3
Deposit and Withdrawl 8.2
Contact Information:
Isle of Man
Email, Chat and Phone
FAQ on website
Staff are friendly
Deposit Options
Paysafe Card Yes
Visa and MC Yes
Neteller Yes
Skrill Yes
Diners Club Yes
Click and Buy Yes
Local Bank Xfer Yes
Online Bank Xfer Yes
Ukash Yes
WebMoney Yes