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Ace thru Five Straight Bike, Bicycle, Wheel 2 Quacker, Deuce, Duck
Ten thru Ace Straight Broadway 3 Crab, Tres, Trey
A Clubs Flush Pups, Puppy Feet, Puppy Toes, Golf Bag, All Blue, Blue 4 A Sailboat
A Spades Flush All Blue, Blue 5 Nickel
Hearts Flush All Pink, Pink 6 Clip, Sip
Diamonds Flush All Pink, Pink 7 Candy Cane, Cane, Walking Stick, Hockey Stick
Full House Tight, Full, Boat, Full Boat, Full of 8 Ocho, Snowman
(4) Aces The Four Pips, Four Pips 9 Nina Ross
(4) of a Kind Quad, Quads, Case, Book T Dime
Ace thru Five Straight Flush The Steel Wheel, Steel Wheel J Fishhook, valet, hook, knave, jackal, johnny
Eights and Aces This is Bill Hickock’s famous Dead Man’s Hand Q Cowgirl, Squeezer, Girl, Lady, Mop Squeezer
(2) Pair K Cowboy
(3) Deuces Huey, Dewey, Louie A Rocket, Bullet
(3) Sixes Known as the Mark of the Beast or The Devil’s Hand Q♥ Judith
(3) Sevens Slots, Slot Machine K♥ Alexander
(3) Kings Three Wise Men, Alabamb Night Riders Q♦ Rachel
(3) Queens Sisters K♦ Ceasar
(3) of a the same card Set, Trips Q♠ Black Bit*h
(1) Pair, Aces Aces and Spaces K♠ David
A straight draw (outside) Known by Up and Down, Open Ended or Bobtail Q♣ Wilma
A straight flush draw (outside) This hand is referred to as the Big Bobtail K♣ Charles
A double straight draw (inside) Lovigly referred to as a Double Belly Buster or Double Gutshot Hand Flop Slang
An inside straight draw Belly Buster, Gutshot (3) 7’s Jackpot
(4) cards of the same suit Four Flush, Busted Flush (3) Low Cards Ragged Flop or Rags
Texas Hold Em Poker Slang Hand (3) Face Cards Paint
Boxcars, Dimes, TNT, Binary TT (2) Different Suits Two Tone
Woolworths, Five and Dime T5 (3) Different Suits Rainbow
Roger, Roger That, Over-n-out, Hey Good Buddy, Good Buddy T4
Texas Dolly, Doyle Brunson T2
Varkonyi, Qtip QT
Bitc*es, Ladies, Cowgrils, Siegfried and Roy QQ
Maverick QJ
The Hellory Q9
This hand is known as the Computer Hand Q7
Posh Waiter Q3 suited
San Fran Busboy Q3
Flaming Waiter Q♥3♥
This hand is referred to as a Mixed Marriage KQ unsuited
A Royal Marriage KQ suited
Royals, the Royals, Royalty, Married, Marriage KQ
Kong, King Kong, Presley, Elvis Presley, Cowboys KK
The Bachelor Hand KJ unsuited
King John, Kojak KJ
Donk, The Donk, Sawmill, Dog, Fido, Canine K9
Salmon, King Salmon K7
Three Kings, King Crab, Alaska Hand K3
VD, Valentine’s, Valentine’s Day K♥Q♥
Cloutier JT
Hooks, Jokers, Johnnies, Kid Dyn o mite, Fishhooks JJ
Cannibal J8
JD, Jack Daniels J7
Railroad J6
Jackson 5, Motown J5
A Flat tire, flat tire J4
TJ Cloutier J♣9♣
Ateam, Johnny Moss, Bookends AT
Mrs. Slick, Big Chick, Little Slick AQ
Wired or a wired pair any pocket pair
Big Slick AK
Jackass, Ajax, Blackjack AJ
Bullets, Pocket Rockets, Two Pips, American Airlines AA
This hand is referred to as the Dead Man’s Hand A8
31 Flavors, Baskin-Robbins, Friday the 13th A3
Drinking Age, Acey-Deucey A2
Prom Night 96 suited
Toothbrush 9♥6♥
Hellmuth, Phil Hellmuth 9♠9♣
Velvet Hammer 72 suited
Beer Hand, The Hammer, The Worst 72 offsuit
Darth, Darth Vader, Vader, Lord Vader 4♠4♣
Gretzky, German Virgin, Wayne Gretzky 99
Oldsmobile 98
Dinner for 2, Big Lick 96
Full Time, Full Time Job, Dolly Parton 95
San Fran, Gold Rush, San Francisco 94
Benny, Jack Benny, the Sik 93
Montana Banana 92
Little Olds, Little Oldsmbile, Snowmen, Double Infinity, Infinities 88
Smart, Maxwell Smart 86
Raquel, Raquel Welch 83
Candy Canes, Walking Sticks, Hockey Sticks 77
Union Oil, Philly, Philadelphia, Trombones 76
Ketchup, Heinz 75
Blackjack Hand, Doube Down 74
Hachem 73
This hand is referred to as Route 66 66
This hand is referred to as Blocky 63
This is the Ainsworth 62
Speed Limit, Presto, Nickels 55
Moneymaker, Colt 45, Jesse James 54
B-52, Bomber, B-52’s 52
Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Sailboats, Magnum 44
Mayes, Willie Mays 42
Hooters or Crabs 33
A Can of Corn 32
Sleepers, Quack Quack, Ducks, Swans 22