Barry Shulman Poker

Barry Shulman Poker

Barry Shulman PokerBarry Shulman has been playing poker ever since his college days, back in the 1960’s.  He funded his poker hobby with his career in real estate, and claimed his first money prize of $3,000 in 1997.


Barry Shulman Poker Career

Barry has won two WSOP bracelets, and has claimed cash prizes in other tournament circuits as well.  His most famous win is probably that of his 2009 WSOP Europe tournament when he went heads up against Daniel Negraneau and won.  His total earnings at the end of the 2010 poker years was over four million dollars.

Barry Shulman Professional Poker Player 

In addition to being a professional poker player with a number of wins under his belt, Barry is also the CEO of the popular poker magazine CardPlayer Magazine.  He acquired the magazine in 1999 and used what he had saved for his retirement for the purchase.


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