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Every poker hand is a reminder that you are alive. Poker, in any of its forms, be it online poker or at a casino, is a micro-moment of colliding fates and factors and each of those moments is a culmination of the life experiences of everyone sitting at that table. Ignore, the keyboard, ignore the green felt and clacking of chips; it’s that one sheer intense moment of decision; how to act, when to act, when to breathe, that becomes something much larger and more important than the gentle people that have come together to play a game.

In that moment you remember that you are alive, the blood pounding in your ears or the thousand thoughts and hands processing across your brain, you are alive; poker is alive. Then, a long pause, a moment of revelation as the cards come together, some say they speak, some say they whisper, but nothing changes the finality of showing your cards.

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The United States of America has not banned poker. The US has banned online poker and online gambling and for the most part, they have done so because of the way that money is being transferred in and out of the country. There was fair warning and well, the US wasn’t bluffing, but they definitely showed their hand in April of 2011 by toppling Full Tilt and others. Their hand is the same one they always go all in with – make a small set of a large group of offenders the examples. Anyone remember the old Napster, the one that got sued out the pants?

Well, Napster is still around, very different and legal now, but the federal government of the United States made Napster an example also. Sure, copyright infringement is wrong, but sharing music isn’t. That’s just like money laundering and ponzi schemes are wrong, but online poker isn’t, right? Just as Napster rose from the ashes, so shall online poker in the United States. Maybe not in the form of Full Tilt, but there are some legitimate online poker enterprises that will be welcomed back once everything is squared away.


So, remember – no matter what poker stars misspeak and say that the US has banned poker, there are still poker games out there, legal ones. If poker is in your blood, you’ll find a way to get to a casino to play in a poker tournament, you’ll play free poker online until the US lets you make decisions about how to spend your time online or you’ll just head over to Canada and get free health care and poker. All up to you, that’s a great thing about America, no matter how f*cked up it can be, you don’t need a passport to move between states, to get in the car and drive or to just leave it with two middle fingers in the air and never return.

The other option would be to stand up for what you believe in, take it to the White House, and take it to your State government. If you believe that online poker should return to the United States, then you are probably not someone that will sit there whining about it, you’re a person that speaks your mind, a person that is alive, but maybe not as alive as when you were at the tables. If you are unhappy about online poker being banned, then find every way you can to bring it back. Talk about it, blog about it, contact everyone that is mentioned in news articles about online poker, but don’t complain randomly in a blog posting. Bring solutions to the table, not more problems. My contribution – getting you off your arse to do something about this tragedy.

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