PokerStars Mega Milestone

US Online, the world’s famous internet poker operator is expected to be very busy on the upcoming weekend. The reason for this is the fact that the poker operator is expecting the eighty billionth poker hand to be played and dealt on the 6th of May on its website. Of course, Pokerstars is intending to take full advantage of this situation. It will do so by having the usual Milestone promotions that it usually has when milestone poker hands are expected.

These promotions will offer the players with bonuses and cash prizes. These prizes and bonuses will be offered to the players who get dealt a hand from the last 300 hands before the milestone. Of course, the Mega Milestone hand will get awarded a very large bonus prize.

It has been reported by Pokerstars that the website predicts that by the time the Milestone hand, the 80 billionth happens, the website would have gave out about a million dollar in bonuses and prizes in this promotion. This includes the Mega Milestone players who will win at least 10,000 dollars and the player who wins the hand will win about 20,000 dollars. Such numbers is not something new to Pokerstars, as it has been accustomed its players winning amazing bonuses and promotions whenever a milestone poker hand is near.