PokerStars Online Poker Home Games

Poker StarsPokerStars Online Poker Home Games

PokerStars online poker home games were created a while back, but the concept is being picked up by other online poker companies such as 888. The idea of Home Games from PokersStars is that players can create their own online poker club, make it as elite and exclusive as they want and can include up to fifty members. Each member can access the private club lobby using the PokerStars online poker software.

I personally refer to the custom poker lobby as the Guild Hall, but I’m a former WOW nerd turned poker player. So, since the popularity of the concept has taken off with PokerStars, you can expect that any poker companies entering the US market will offer the exact same thing. Now, that will probably open up an entirely different can of legal worms, but it really makes the potential for some new tournaments and new poker blood to enter into the game.