PokerStars Supports Nevada Online Poker Bill

Online PokerPokerStars Supports Nevada Online Poker Bill

William Horne, the majority whip in Nevada Assembly on Thursday introduced the AB258, a bill for legalized intrastate playing of online poker. Quite interestingly, this comes only after a week when Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, vetoed a bill, which would otherwise have emerged into the creation of the first intrastate online gambling regime in America. In addition to this, one another interesting fact about this bill is its supporters.

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The AB258 has been very strongly supported by Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., operating under the market name PokerStars, says the Wall Street Journal. With its headquarters located in Isle of Man, Britain, the firm runs gambling sites that according to the US laws are illegal. In fact, if or not online poker in itself is legal or illegal is in question. Reportedly, Full Tilt Poker also supports the bill extensively.

Online Poker in Nevada

The bill seems to favor the interests of these companies completely, since a part of the bill’s text implies that an online poker provider, if licensed in any other jurisdiction, was or still is involved with foreign or interstate commerce, can apply for a license in the state. Both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are licensed under their local jurisdiction, in Ireland and Isle of Man respectively. The bill exclusively applies to internet poker, and also forbids sports betting explicitly. However, betting on other games such as football and basketball is legal.

People have had mixed reactions to the bill presented. Though many are surprised, the common opinion is that “real” casinos in the state will do all they can to prevent outside firms from setting up business at virtually no cost.