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Welcome to Online Poker Articles (  This website is dedicated to the love of the game poker, the people and industry that have gathered around the game and to future generations of poker players around the world.  Here we offer poker articles that you may use on your website, but only if you include a link back to our site and include the author’s name.  We hope that you find this to be an equitable agreement.

Online poker articles will discuss poker apps, gaming apps, tournament play, poker advice and gambling news.  We are very interested in how the gambling industry will use the foothold that has been created in the United States to further establish an online gaming industry in this country, as well as news from abroad on new online gambling sites and land based casinos.

Gambling Apps

Most people in the United States don’t have an in-depth understanding of the gambling laws that affect their online gaming play.  Casinos are permitted in several states and on several Native American Reserved Lands, but what about gambling apps, are these permitted?  The problem with gambling apps for the US is not that they allow you to gamble, it is a problem with how you get your money.  There are very strict wire transfer laws and this is the main reason that the US has so much trouble with online gambling at the moment.  In other parts of the world mobile casino apps are very common and quite plentiful.

Poker Apps

Poker Apps were popular in the US until the recent events in April 2011.  However, in other parts of the world such as the UK and Ireland, mobile poker apps are receiving great attention and popularity. There are a few great points about poker apps that make them so popular.  The first is that you get to play poker anywhere you go as long as you have your mobile phone and the poker app installed.  Secondly, amateurs can play with actual professional players.  Several of the big name players are online and many of them use poker apps to login to the online poker rooms.