Ultimate Poker Encounters Technical Problems

Ultimate Poker Encounters Technical Problems after Release of Software Upgrade  

Last weekend, Ultimate Poker (UP) rolled out Version 2.0 of the site’s gaming software to upgrade the stripped-down version launched in April 30, 2013. Unfortunately, the release was not smooth sailing, as the site suffered from technical problems that brought about game play issues. The people behind the online poker site had to cancel tournaments and are now processing manual payment of refunds to affected players.

Overview of UP’s New Software

Version 2.0 enhanced the virtual poker rooms with resizable tables along with new graphics for the lobby and table background, and a host of other improvements such as player pedestals, highlight on current player, new timer, preset bet buttons, more visible action buttons, relocation of rake at the center table and complete revamp of the fonts and sound system.

Ultimate Poker also added new features for the tournament to accommodate late registrations and rebuys, while the tournament lobby now showcases the satellite and 6max play-offs.

The most notable upgrade feature is the VIP program called “Color Up”, designed to reward frequent players at UP’s cash games or raked tournaments. Here, players get to earn XPs or experience points at an equivalent rate of 10 XPs for every dollar paid as fees. Players will then level up through a set of eight color-coded tiers based on their monthly play history. Leveling-up not only denotes elevation of one’s status as a UP poker player; but also entitlement to rewards in the form of U-points that earners can use for buying stuff at UP’s merchandise store. The ultimate goal of receiving the “Gold or Platinum Plaque” awaits players who will rise through all the eight “Color-Up” tiers during the year.