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Are There Still Poker Sites That Allow US Online Poker Players?

Poker, specifically poker online, has a decent following across the globe. Texas Holdem Poker especially has a wide range of fans, but with thousands of US players taken out of the figures, the numbers decline sharply. Online poker players in the United States made up the majority of players that would be online at during all hours of the day and now that the US players are only permitted to play free poker online after the Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars incident back in April, the global figures of players are evening off. The real poker stars may have packed up their bags and moved to more friendly to poker playing online climates, but is that the only option for US Players?

Texas Hold em is a game that has captured the world with its expression of skill, fun and sometimes luck, but the politics surrounding the gambling aspect and the exchange of currency in relation to “money laundering” haven’t quite caught up in the States. There seems to be just as much confusion about poker legislation with players as there is with the law makers. While everything is worked out from State to State or on a countrywide basis, there are some online poker sites that still allow cash game poker players from the US. While we won’t go into details about how to play poker online, we will say that sites that permit US players do so at their own risk. The online poker sites that we discuss in this article do have a long standing international presence as well as an American presence.

The confusion surrounding the question if US players may play online poker legally stems from the passing of a law in 2006 referred to as the UIGEA. The law basically makes online gambling sites accepting wagers and funds illegal if it violates the local law, federal law or tribal law. This is why it is important to know your State laws, as some states find this activity illegal. However, the player that may legally play in their State does not appear to be liable by playing poker online for cash. The brunt of the law is solely focused on the online gambling sites and if that site understands and follows the law, then they have ways of offering their services to US citizens. The most confusion generally sparks from the question of how to fund an account at an online poker site. There are several legal ways to do so and there is also the option of contacting the poker room directly to find out more about real money deposits.

US Online Poker Sites

Currently there are two big online poker companies in the US Market and those are Bodog and Cake Poker. The online poker site, Cake Poker, controls a very large network which includes other poker sites; those are Colt Poker, Fugu Poker, Juicy Stakes Poker and HiLife Poker. Cake Poker is becoming very popular with their recent bonus promotions and their aggressive expansion.  Use the Bonus Code POKERME to get an exclusive offer for readers of

Bodog Poker is also an international poker site that permits US poker players. The main company first started in 1995 and they then launched their poker room in 2004. Bodog has recently seen a spike in their player traffic and the site has a good mix of casual and professional players.