World Series of Poker November Nine

WSOP Final Table 2011World Series of Poker November Nine

There is a large European showing this year with the November Nine being dominated 5 to 4 over American Poker players.  The following is an introduction to the players we will be following at the Rio in Las Vegas for the Final Table for the WSOP 2011.

Pius Heinz is a twenty-two year old from Germany.  This is Heinz’s debut at the WSOP and he will enter into the final table with 16,425,000 in seventh position.

Ben Lamb is in eight position holding 20,875,000.

Martin Stanszko is a professional poker player from the Czech Republic is in ninth position with the chip lead holding 40,175,000.

Badih Bounahra hails from Belize City, is in the second position and hold 19,700,000 in chips.

Anton Makiievskyi hails from the Ukraine and will be in the fifth position holding 13,825,000.

Matt Giannetti is from Las Vegas, will be in position one and holds a stack of 24,750,000.

Phil Collins another resident of Las Vegas.  Phil will be in the fourth position with 23,875,000.

Sam Holden is a professional Poker player from England and is short stacked with 12,375,000 holding the sixth position at the table.