Zynga Poker a US Online Poker Competitor?

Online PokerZynga Poker a US Online Poker Competitor?

Zynga Poker has recently ramped up its advertising efforts for their online poker game. Their free to play poker is already one of the many products that is enjoyed by over 29 million social users a month.

US Online Poker

The company has bought up some much prized ad time on ESPN which is where the US online poker companies used to advertise before April of this year. Zynga may be deciding to take their free model poker gaming into the actual online gaming world when the US legalizes online poker.

Open Up Online Poker

The general consensus as of late is that the American market will follow the European trend and open up online poker to the masses, but this time legally. Zynga could easily become massive competition for Playtech and other online gambling software developers should they decide to throw their weight in that direction. ZyngaPoker was the first official game released by the company when they first started and has continued to be a top ten grossing game on the app store.